Your Secret Love Weapon: The Rubber Band Effect

Having read through many posts, ghosting appears intolerable. But a guy going through a rubberband moment is tolerable. Where is the line between a rubberband moment and ghosting scenario? How long should I give him before writing him off? Would you write him off if he picks up again after one, two, three weeks? Or just go about slotting him in for a date if he asks? This is neither ghosting nor rubberband I guess, but would appreciate some views on what length of time is acceptable for guys to slip in and out during the early phases of dating?

How to Not Sabotage Your Relationship Before it’s Even Started

John Gray essentially believes that men have an intimacy cycle that is comparable with a rubber band, which stretches this is when the man pulls away and then eventually springs back, which is when he wants to get closer. It is not a decision or choice. It just happens. It is neither his fault nor her fault.

dating advice from bestselling author john gray. Remember, as I wrote in several Mars/Venus books, ‘men are like rubber bands.’ They pull.

Girls, OTOH, are programmed to gain status socially. That’s one of the reasons that they’re so fascinated with relationships, and that they are attracted to socially proofed guys. This is all generalization of course, and could be disputed. But either way, viewing things this way will get good results in the field. Anyway, because of this, most hot girls will always want to maintain sexual power over you at all times. The “Elastic band snap back effect” is where girls will immediately shoot IOIs at you, the second you strip them of sexual power.

You can use this to get them to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do. But while phoney, you can still use this to your advantage to move the set forward. Here are a few examples:. To me, this is absolutely fascinating to watch.

The Elastic Band Snapback Effect

I know all about the rubber band effect that guys pull with women in an attempt to see how much pull they really have. You can go ahead and pull yourself all the way into another galaxy for all I care. I refuse to play nonsense games. A better man lies ahead for me. I have more pride in myself than to prove my worth to you.

Picture a big rubber band around the guy you’re dating or in a relationship with. When you feel him pulling away, your natural instinct as a.

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“What you really should know about the men we love”!!!

His jokes make you laugh and his boyish grin makes you melt. So you hook up. And so the casual, hangout-make out, fling begins. Whoa whoa whoa. And the more you sleep with him, the more oxytocin is released, causing you to attach to him more, to the point where you are physically addicted to him. Men also secrete oxytocin during sex, however, the levels are not as high as women.

The beauty of the rubber-band effect is that you can, and should, use it at every stage of your Stage 2: Dating For A Couple Of Months.

One of his theories in the book is called the Rubber Band Theory and is something every woman should understand. Basically a guy will chase a women until he gets her — he will call, take her out, do anything it takes to win her over. Then when he succeeds he will back off a little. It plays on the idea that like a rubber band, the man will start to want his space and pull back. The need for space is very confusing for the woman who is used to being chased and wonders what has changed!

When a man pulls back it has the effect of making the woman feel insecure and needy. At this point her natural reaction is to chase after him to get back the feeling she had when he was chasing her. When the woman chases the man it can made the man pull further away and could ultimately break the rubber band. Men seem to need to miss a woman to see if she is right for him; whereas a woman likes to spend time with a man to see if he is right for her.

Understanding how different men and woman are helps make this stage easier to deal with. Instead of chasing after him, the woman should let him have his space, and maybe even pull back a bit herself. With this space comes tension just like in the days when he was chasing her , like you would see when you pull a rubber band in two separate directions.


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Called the “ rubber band ” or the male intimacy cycle, it’s when a man vacillates between being close to his partner and then pulling away. Men do this for many.

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the difference between ghosting and having a rubberband moment?

Meet a new man. Be excited. Start dating. Have a great time.

So what if he’s still virtually gallivanting on multiple dating sites, and is Plus, the emotional bonding effects are more prevalent and potent in women than it is which can cause the notorious “rubber band” effect of pulling away because the.

The first time Joe told me he loved me was mid-sex, several hours after stepping off the plane back from a six-week lads trip in Bali. After a week spent meditating, journaling and going to my regular Al Anon meetings, my gut gently informed me that a committed relationship with Joe was what I was being called to step in to.

It also taught me a very specific strategy around how to successfully relate to men that has enabled my relationship with Joe to continue to thrive and evolve with every year that passes. When you feel him pulling away, your natural instinct as a woman tends to be to move closer to him and try and close the gap between the two of you — which means that the imaginary elastic band connecting him to you goes all slack. One of the main differences between the way men and women respond to love and dating is that for men, romantic desire most often develops in the space, not the closeness — as it tends to for women.

His natural desire for space after this intimacy drives him to pull away from you, but instead of panicking and trying to close the gap between the two of you so that you can experience that closeness with him again, you do nothing. And, instead of moving towards him, you move more deeply in to yourself and allow that imaginary elastic band around him to be stretched as far as he desires for it to be. And my mum happily lets him — which is pretty radical, considering his trips have nothing to do with his work.

When dad returns or meets up with mum in India, her favourite place in the world , their joy in being reunited is palpable. Four years later, Joe and I went to Costa Rica for six weeks.

The rubber band theory